Charges for Virtual Consultations

Please note that when you book for a virtual consultation, either for a phone call or video link with your GP, normal consultation charges will still apply.

We will email an invoice (or post it on request) after the consult.

 Our Fees

Browns Bay Family Doctors is part of the Waitemata Primary Health Organisation therefore are able to offer free doctors consultations for under 14yrs and reduced consultation fees for patients who are enrolled.

Our fees are subject to variation due to time taken and complexity of consultation.

All fees are payable at the time of consultation. We accept cash, eftpos and credit cards.

We are also a Southern Cross Medical Insurance affiliated provider which means we are able to claim for your medical fees at the time of your consultation. Your member card is an accepted means of identification to electronically claim for covered or part-covered services.

Current fees are for enrolled patients from November 2020
(Fees may change independently of this website)

                                              With CSC             Without CSC

Adult 65+                             $19.00                   $51.50

Adult 18-64                          $19.00                   $59.00

Child 14-17                          $13.00                   $41.50

Child under 14                    Free                       Free

Ask about our fees for patients that are visitors or casuals.

Browns Bay Family Doctors are currently enrolling new patients. To enrol with us simply print the Enrolment Form and Medical Questionnaire attached, complete all three pages and send it back to us with proof of eligibility, for example your New Zealand Passport, New Zealand Birth Certificate, or Resident Visa. Alternatively visit the practice where one of our friendly admin staff will assist you.


Download Enrolment Form
and Medical Questionnaire here